Budget Financial Advice - Clipping coupons and Other ways to save money at the grocery store!

Budget Financial Advice - Clipping coupons and Other ways to save money at the grocery store! Clipping Coupons- Of course it's a lot easier than you probably think to save money at the grocery store. 1. Check your newspaper inserts and see what types of coupons are out there. Also, be sure and check different stores websites. Often times there are coupon specific offers. 2. Go to websites like battlefield.com, etc. These sites are filled with coupons. It would be easy for you to pick up 70-80% off your regular price. Buy in bulk- Depending on what you need the meat and milk for, scares you could save a bundle on buying in bulk where you can really save. For instance, buying 3 pound of flour shouldn't cost you more than buying 2 package at a time. Still not convinced? Then, in addition to coupon savings the wholesale chicken fat can be used to make wonderful meals with none of the additional costs. Store specific- Buy the specific products that the store brand is offering. Often times you'll find that they offer incredible great prices on the specific items. So, just buy milk, eggs, and fruit this way and you'll be able to save money. Buy- When you are in need of a specific item, buy in bulk in the store. It's a lot cheaper than buying in bulk on their website or in the warehouse. When you saved around $20 at the grocery store just by buying mass quantities of flour, juice and milk you can now do this again. Buy- Buy non perishable items in bulk. For instance, frozen vegetables are a great way to save money. (Just be sure you freeze them so they are really frozen and not just set in a bag in the back of your closet.) Also, when you need a portable phone case, be sure and buy one in bulk. As long as you have the correct amount of phone in your possession, it doesn't matter how many cases you buy. Buy- Be a smart grocery shopper. If you buy two cases of soup but only one case of...... you'll save money buying the bulk and not buying the one case that's just on sale. (Speaking from experience) Have a budget!- This will be harder in the beginning, but once you start spending some timeANGELmodel, you'll start to anticipate extra costs that you start seeing for the month in your budget. (It will be hard at first.) Stick to budget and make sure there is enough left over for savings. Know your store's policies- Before you go shopping be sure to know the policies that the store has for coupons and any special promos. You may have to buy two of the same soda at one store. For instance, the store may offer 2 for $1, but if they have a promo of 3 for $1, then you will no longer buy the one case of soda, but get two of the deals at the same time. Buy- Be sure to check the items' quantity. ( naming the quantities of items you know you need saves you from buying more than you need.) If you find groceries on sale, assume they will be a good deal. Know prices and shop around- Sticking to what is in season and what has the lowest price will save you a lot of money. (This holds true whether you buy regular groceries or formula for your first child who everyone has to buy for both.) Do some research and see what store has the best price for commonly purchased items. Once you know, just go there and buy! Buy- When budgeting your groceries, this is one of the hardest concepts to try and understand. It's a lot easier to go through and buy the most that is on sale. Never goes by that sale price. Remember that it's better to buy a small quantity on sale, when it's at less of a price (especially if the quantity has a longer run.) Know your prices and plan your shopping- Know exactly how much the staples are, and when they are on sale. Shop between stores and coordinate your shopping. Always start with the most expensive items first! If at any point at the store, a staple is on sale, start stocking up. When a staple is on sale, buy it! Buy- When shopping for food, try to focus on foods that are: o Green o Whole- Passive and can be adjusted- Natural o Reducing as much as possible When buying these items include: 1. Plan well in advance the amount of money to spend- Speak to cashiers or managers at the store to make sure they are aware of your exact financial state. This will ensure that a price is not hiked in order to just cover a sale or to get something advertised. 2.